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Victor Stone Quarry

Indiana Limestone Co 

This is a drone surveying example, showing a georeferenced 2D & 3D orthomosaic map of a 67 Acre section of Victor Stone Quarry, south of Bloomington, Indiana. This technology can provide same-day results with an array of processing methods, customized for each location. View 3D render and example image below and be sure to watch the short video for a better view of this location!

Victor Stone Quarry Drone Surveying Map

Orthomosaic Map

Victor Stone Quarry Drone Elevation Map

Elevation Map

Drone Map Zoomed In Detail

Zoomed in to show detail

Drone Elevation Map Zoomed In Detail

Zoomed in to show detail

Victor Stone Quarry Drone Photo

Drone Photograph

Victor Stone Quarry Drone 3D Rendering


Measurements from Drone Data:


Total Size of Area in Map: 67.1 Acres

Volume of Area In Map Below Shelf: 4,758,820 Cu. Yards

Size of Area in Map Below Shelf: 41.8 Acres

Total Length of Quarry Pool: 1,697 Feet

Surface Area of Quarry Pool: 11.6 Acres

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